Election Update: Thurs Nov 5, morning

Good morning all! It’s a bright sunshiny day here in Minnesota — shirt sleeve weather on a November morning. Climate change, anyone?

I’ve got work obligations this morning, and am aiming for a more robust midday update on vote counting. Things continue to point toward today being the day that Joe Biden becomes the Next President of the United States, with:

AZ nearing completion and few paths remaining for sufficient Trump votes among remaining ballots to overcome Biden’s lead.

NV announcing almost all of their final ballots midday today from Biden-friendly areas and mail ballots that should slightly increase Biden’s lead there.

PA will continue counting, with the Biden crew confident that the final margin there in the 2–3% range for Biden.

GA will be very, very, very close. The GOP Sec of State is being a bit cagey about how many ballots are left to be tabulated, how many have been counted but not yet uploaded to the full State count, and other related issues. I think Biden wins GA by 0.1–0.3% in the end.

NC will take another week because of the Nov 12 ballot arrival deadline.

A ray of hope? You may have seen Fox News become increasingly skeptical of the Trump team’s arguments about counting votes or stopping counting votes. When you’re a Republican and you’ve lost Fox News, it’s probably time to say goodnight.

Lastly, I know a lot of you have seen your anxieties rise up again, and the nervous feeling return, as doubt creeps in. I hear you — I feel the same little thoughts sneak in. As they say, feelings are made to be felt. Indeed.

But the math is the math. We are on track. Count every vote.

Today looks to be a very good day for Joe Biden and for the United States of America. And the sunshine is nice, too.

Impact Counsel attorney, Avisen Legal. Dad. Husband. Former CEO, State Rep, Obama White House Task Force Chair. Still dabbles in pottery. Never been cool.

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